Thank you to everyone who submitted to Issue 1 of Laundrette. We received almost 50 submissions (considering that life got in the way a bit of being active, promoting and reaching out this past month, that is pretty incredible). We would like to apologise for the slow response- on our website, we said that we would respond to all submissions by 1st March. For various reasons (busyness and personal reasons), we have not done so, but we also failed to update the website and social media to reflect this. We apologise for any inconvenience or anxiety this has caused. All submissions will be responded to on/by Sunday 10th March. In the future we will ensure that we stick to deadlines, and keep info up to date. We have also decided to push the publication date from April to May. However, this post is a cause for celebration as well as apology, as we are marking the end of an accidental hibernation, and we are back up and running and rolling. We are grateful for everyone’s support and patience- prepare to get excited and get ready for Laundrette ❤️