Terms & conditions

Submissions in multiple categories

You may enter one submission in each category per submission period. If you want to submit poetry, articles and artwork, that is completely fine!

If you wish to submit poetry that is illustrated, then please make sure that the submission is formatted as you would wish the poems and illustrations to appear together.

Multiple submissions in one period

If we find that one person has purposefully entered multiple submissions in one submission period, for example under different names or using different email addresses, we will not consider any of their submissions for that period. If we receive multiple identical submissions we will assume it is an error- things happen!

Successful submissions

If your submission is successful, we will notify you on or before March 1st 2019.

Everyone who has work featured in Laundrette will be sent a free copy.

Unsuccessful submissions

If your submission is unsuccessful, our current policy is also to notify you on or before March 1st 2019. However this is subject to change, and we will make an announcement on the website and all social media channels if we have decided not to notify unsuccessful submitters this issue.

If you are unsuccessful, please feel free to submit again next submission period. You can send in exactly the same submission if you fancy- it might have been that your submission wasn’t right for that specific issue. However we would suggest submitting a different selection of poems.

Withdrawing a submission

If you no longer wish your submission to be considered and wish to withdraw your submission, please notify us by emailing laundrettemag@gmail.com by March 5th 2019.

If you have not notified us to withdraw your submission by March 5th 2019, we may be unable to withdraw your submission from print.

We reserve the right to choose not to publish any submission at any time for any reason.